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Treatment of Voice Disorders

From Khalid Ghufoor FRCS The vast majority of people who suffer a change in voice or hoarseness will have a self limiting short lasting problem usually related to a viral infection. Occasionally the voice can remain poor due to other

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Treatment of children with sleep-disordered breathing

From Martin Bailey FRCS Sleep-disordered breathing affects approximately 12% of children, and consists of an abnormal breathing pattern during sleep which may include snoring, mouth breathing, and pauses in breathing. It is most commonly caused by large tonsils and adenoids.

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The Medel Bonebridge Bone Conduction Implant System

From Robert Quiney FRCS The Medel Bonebridge fully buried hearing implant, for conductive hearing loss which is not suitable for other surgical treatment.   The auditory processor is hidden under the hair, and is easily removed for hair

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