ENT Treatment RoomMinor Surgical Procedures

Under local anaesthesia in a dedicated Treatment Room with nurse assistance.

  • ear microsuction
  • grommet insertion (in adults)
  • nasal cautery
  • nasal/sinus endoscopy
  • flexible laryngoscopy
  • removal of sutures
  • minor skin and oral cavity biopsies

Video Endoscopy

We have a state-of-the-art Xion high-resolution end-chip camera flexible fibreoptic system, which enables us to look into the nose and throat with a thin flexible endoscope and visualise the larynx (voice box), while making a video recording which can be played back and reviewed later. Both voice production (laryngostroboscopy) and swallowing (flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing – “FEES”) can be studied with this system.




We have on-site Ultrasound facilities which allow imaging of swellings in the head and neck without the use of X-rays.

Plain X-ray

ENT Consulting RoomPlain X-ray examinations can be done on-site, usually at the same time as the consultation.


Computerised Tomography is a technique using x-rays which permits cross-sectional images of the body to be obtained and reconstructed in different planes. We have a modern CT scanner on-site.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging enables cross-sectional images of the body to be obtained in different planes without the use of X-rays. It shows soft tissues particularly well, but unlike CT does not show bone. We have a modern MRI scanner on site.



Audiometry BoothWe are able to undertake hearing tests in a sound-proof environment on-site at the time of consultation. Our Audiometrician is able to tailor-make swim-moulds & musicians’ ear plugs, and also supply hearing aids.


Sleep Studies for Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

These are done at home.