Robert Quiney


Consultant ENT Surgeon

Robert Quiney qualified from Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, London, UK in 1980. He trained in otolaryngology at the Royal Ear Hospital (University College Hospital), London; the Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital, London; Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London; and at the Sussex Throat & Ear Hospital in Brighton. He undertook a three-month period of training abroad at the University of Texas in Galveston, USA acting as Chief Resident and a six-month period acting as senior registrar and locum consultant at the Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Perth, Western Australia.

He was appointed to the Consultant Staff of the Royal Free Hospital, London in 1991. At the same time he became Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Royal Free and University College School of Medicine. His principal interest has been in otology and neuro-otology but he continues to have a broad base of ENT surgical experience, covering general NHS clinics not only at the Royal Free Hospital but also at Barnet General Hospital and Edgware Community Hospital on a weekly basis.

His interest in skull base surgery, and in particular acoustic neuroma surgery, has been supported by the establishment of a joint Acoustic Neuroma Clinic which is held every month at the Royal Free Hospital with his neurosurgery and radiotherapy colleagues. Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy is available through the Radiotherapy Department at the Royal Free Hospital as one of the possible modes of treatment for acoustic neuroma patients, as well as surgery and conservative monitoring of small neuromas.

His interest in middle ear surgery involves using combined approach tympanoplasty to treat cholesteatoma which results in an intact canal wall and avoids the need for a mastoid cavity in many patients. His interest in otosclerosis and stapedectomy involves performing approximately 25 stapedectomies per year, ideally using a KTP laser for the footplate and superstructure work.


Middle Ear Surgery including:

  • repair of perforated eardrums (myringoplasty)
  • stapedectomy
  • cholesteatoma surgery
  • intact canal wall mastoidectomy
  • bone-anchored hearing aids

Neuro-otology including:

  • acoustic neuroma surgery
  • facial nerve disorders
  • congenital ear anomalies


Monday:  The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth
Tuesday:  Spire Bushey Hospital
Wednesday:  9 Harley Street
Thursday:  9 Harley Street
Friday:  The Royal Free Hospital/BMI Hendon Hospital


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BMI Hendon Hospital
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Robert Quiney

Consultant ENT Surgeon
The Royal Free Hospital
London NW3 2QG
The Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital
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